We now have wet suits and a seadoo water scooter

Wet suits available. I only ordered a bunch of different sizes but I currently only have 1 of each size. Limited availablity but if you want to make Jet Skiing or Stand Up Paddleboarding more enjoyable if you fall into the cool waters of Lake Superior. Only $5 as an add on to your rental


I have a Seadoo Water Scooter for rent. Fun in the pool or in The Lake. This is also a useful tool if you want to blast away sand looking for rocks or treasure! I am a big dude and it pulled me around slowly, but for a kid this could be just the coolest thing ever!

$5 an hour


Front Desk (800) 822 6315 or (715) 747 6315 ext. 1

Captain Bobs Cell (651) 270 7506