Near shore hourly rentals

A lot of people ask for hourly rentals. I have focused on half days and full days and making a float plan to get people out to the further islands. But for those hot calm days when people just want to get out on the water, and seeing all the islands isnt as important you can rent boats right of the Waterfront Kiosk by the hour fuel included. These rentals are limited to basically the length on Madeline, which is still pretty far distances for most boaters. Madeline Islands is 14 miles long. A boat only goes 30 or so mph so you can barely get around Madeline Island in an Hour. But with 2 hours you could easily go around Madeline or check out Basswood and Hermit Island. The Pipiing Plover can be reserved, the Star Cruiser is un-reservable as it is my back up boat for the full day rental fleet. 

Piping plover

If you just want to rent a boat for an hour or two this is the boat for you. Available for rent right off the Waterfront Kiosk this boat is a 16 foot center console catamaran. Yes it has a catamaran hull and a new Mercury 90hp outboard. There are two seat behind the windshield and a small bench in front my maximum recommended capacity is 4 people or 650lbs. Really this boat is best with 2 people, and this is a very wet boat close to the water. The scuppers also often let water in so your feet will likely get wet. This is rented off the beach like a jet ski for a reason as this is not a boat to get to the other islands, but one that is good to remain close to Madeline with. 

$95 an Hour; $170 for 2 hours. Fuel Included! 


Star Cruiser

Star Cruiser has been turned into the backup boat for my main rental fleet. This boat is not available for reservation, this boat is only available now from the Waterfront Kiosk for the hour fuel included. The star cruiser is a Rendezvous Deck Boat of the 21 foot variety. She has a newer four stroke Yamaha that is very quiet and reliable. The Star Cruiser can take 6 people recommended. 

$125 an Hour


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